mpm's transition

1. I'm going to slowly move on from Mercurial

Here it is 2016 and it's been almost 11 years since I started Mercurial. In that time, it's gone from a weekend and evenings side-project to a full-time job that still invades my evenings and weekends. It's about time for me to do other things.

So over the course of this year, I'm going to gradually remove myself from daily involvement in the project. As lots of people and companies have a lot invested in Mercurial, I'm doing this over a long period of time to make sure it goes smoothly.

There's a bunch of stuff that has to happen as part of transition:

Many of these things are already in progress. As I start handing my various responsibilities off, I'm going to focus the balance of my time on actual Mercurial coding projects. I've currently set two goal dates:

2. Frequently asked questions

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