RhodeCode is an open source repository management platform for behind-the-firewall Mercurial, Git, and SVN. The platform is free, secure, and provides centralized control over distributed code repositories.

1. About RhodeCode

RhodeCode is an open source repository management platform for behind-the-firewall Mercurial, Git, and SVN. RhodeCode is free, secure, and provides centralised control over distributed code repositories.

Unlike aged source code management solutions or Git-only tools, RhodeCode provides a modern platform, with unified security and tools for any version control system. The platform has been built for highly secure, behind-the-firewall enterprise environments with sophisticated user management and common authentication. Yet, it is very developer-oriented: open source, with tool integrations and powerful APIs. Developers get code review tools and custom APIs that work across Mercurial, Git & SVN. Companies get unified security and access controls so that their CTOs can sleep at night.

RhodeCode is written in Python, it is highly modular, easy to build upon, and contribute to. It also comes with an installer for any platform (Linux / Windows) so that the installation process is a breeze.

2. Main features

Team Collaboration:

Repository Management:

Security and Authentication:

RhodeCode also provides an JSON RPC API, and multiple event hooks so it can be integrated with existing external systems. RhodeCode can be run as standalone hosted application on your own server, it comes with a handy installer and its Community Edition is free without any limitations.

3. History

A few years ago, a large European telecom company was undergoing a change. One of the software developers, Marcin Kuzminski, was tasked with migrating the company’s code repositories from a centralized version control system to a distributed one. It quickly became evident to him that there are no tools for common authentication and security across the whole code base. Marcin started hacking instruments, and that was the beginning of RhodeCode.

Fast forward to 2016. RhodeCode is an open source platform that helps manage code of the most secure, behind-the-firewall repositories in a unified way (Mercurial, Git, and Subversion). Some of the world's largest corporate and security firms use RhodeCode.

4. Contributions

RhodeCode CE is free and open source, licensed under the AGPLv3 license. Anybody is welcome to contribute platform development and impact future features and roadmap. We also have very active discussion on Slack, join by signing up here.

5. RhodeCode Editions

RhodeCode comes in two flavors. The Community Edition (RhodeCode CE) is free and open source. The Enterprise Edition (RhodeCode EE) is licensed per user, adding technical support and enterprise-valued features on top of RhodeCode CE.

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