Revision number

A revision number is a small integer.

It is a strictly local convenience identifier for a revision. It can be useful as it is shorter to type than the 40-digit hexadecimal string that uniquely identifies a revision.

Common usage

Although all files have revision numbers, revision numbers are almost always used to identify a changeset within a given repository.


Revision numbers referring to changesets are very likely to be different in another copy of a repository. Do not use them to talk about changesets with other people. Use the changeset ID instead.

More information

The Mercurial command-line client provides much more detailed information on Revision Sets. Just run:

$ hg help revsets


An empty repository (with no changesets) has a revision number -1, which corresponds to the nullid nodeid. For example:

$ hg log
$ hg status
$ hg head
changeset:   -1:000000000000
tag:         tip
date:        Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000



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