Record Extension

/!\ This extensions is deprecated, the feature is now part of Mercurial core as hg commit --interactive.

This extension is distributed with Mercurial.

Author: Bryan O'Sullivan

1. Overview

The record extension provides the record command, which may be used in lieu of commit. This command lets you choose which parts of the changes in a working directory you'd like to commit, at the granularity of patch hunks. It is similar in spirit to the darcs record command.

The record extension also provides the qrecord command, if MqExtension is enabled.

2. Configuration

Configure your .hgrc to enable the extension by adding following lines:


3. Usage

hg record [OPTION]... [FILE]...

The option to examine changes is offered for each one of the selected files (or all the modified files if none is provided):

$ hg record my_dir/my_file.ext
examine changes to 'my_dir/my_file.ext'? [Ynsfdaq?]

where the following responses are possible:

    y - record this change
    n - skip this change

    s - skip remaining changes to this file
    f - record remaining changes to this file

    d - done, skip remaining changes and files
    a - record all changes to all remaining files
    q - quit, recording no changes

    ? - display help

If y is selected, then each of the patch hunks for the file are offered for acceptance or rejection:

@@ -164,5 +164,5 @@
                                     #nice comment
     elif options.action:
-        print >>sys.stderr, "wrong action"
+        print >>sys.stderr, ";wrong action"
record this change to 'my_dir/my_file.ext'? [Ynsfdaq?]

where the previous options can be used with the same meaning.

After file and hunk selection is finished, a normal commit is recorded.

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