Parentrevspec Extension

/!\ This extension is deprecated. See revsets.

Author: Alexis S. L. Carvalho

1. Overview

This extension allows you to use git-style suffixes to refer to the ancestors of a specific revision.

For example, if you can refer to a revision as foo, then:

1. foo^N = Nth parent of foo:

2. foo~N = Nth first ancestor of foo

So hg log -r tip^^ or hg log -r tip~2 will display the grandparent of tip.

2. Configuration

Configure your .hgrc to enable the extension by adding the following lines:

parentrevspec =

3. Notes

3.1. Using cmd.exe on Windows

Character ^ is interpreted as an escape character by cmd.exe on Windows. So, if you want to get a single ^ through to hg you have to enter something like

> hg log -r.^^

which counts as a single ^ or

> hg log -r."^"

If you happen to ignore that, cmd.exe will give you a funny "More?"

> hg log -r.^


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