Mailing Lists

{i} No subscription is necessary to post - just send an email!

1. List etiquette

  1. Please be polite to other participants - Mercurial is a friendly community
  2. Please don't drop cc:s from replies or bcc: the list
  3. Please keep discussions on-list, as responses to your questions may help other people
  4. Please check list archives - your question may already be answered!
  5. Please include relevant helpful information

  6. Please don't cc: lists for other SCMs
  7. Please don't top post - put your reply underneath the message you are replying to.
  8. Please read our suggestions for giving advice

/!\ Do not post through Google Groups, as doing so breaks the above rules and makes extra work for the moderator (Reference)

Please think twice about cross-posting your questions on StackOverflow -- StackOverflow is not where you go when you want to reach the Mercurial community. You should instead use the mailing lists described here or our IRC channel.

2. The Mercurial list

The general mailing list. Busy, but has a high signal-to-noise ratio:

3. The Mercurial-Devel list

The developer mailing list. Created in October 2006:

{X} For security disclosures, see SecurityDisclosureProcess

4. The Mercurial-Patches list

The list with Phabricator related Notification. Created in May 2020:

5. The Mercurial-Packaging list

This is a low-bandwidth list for people who build distribution packages of Mercurial to coordinate releases and also discuss packaging-specific issues. If you maintain a package of Mercurial or a related third-party tool, you should subscribe to this list.

Subscribe here:

6. The Mercurial-Consulting list

This list is for discussion amongst people doing commercial Mercurial development, training, and support. It's also a forum to contact people if you are looking for commercial assistance. Also see the Support page.

Subscribe here:

7. The Steering Comittee List

This is a private list for communicating with the Mercurial steering committee. They can be reached at

8. Other languages

9. See also


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