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This page is no longer relevant but is kept for historical purposes.

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This page concerns translating the web interface, please see TranslatingMercurial for how to translate the rest of Mercurial.

Things that need to be done

How to proceed

There are some unknowns here and some difficult pieces. They're getting in the way of forward progress. Thus, we should do the simple things that we know need doing incrementally and defer the hard parts.

Things we know how to do:

Things that are a bit harder:

Things we're not sure about:

Things that are not our problem:

Some simplifying assumptions

Let's assume for now that:

Thoughts on making hgweb templates translatable

This has a few parts:

The first step is to come up with a syntax for marking strings as translatable. Thus, we need a new markup format. Something like this ought to suffice:

<b>{{this is a translatable string}}</b>

So an initial approach is to teach hgweb about this syntax (and initially pass strings out unchanged), then go mark some strings as translatable so that the scanning piece can be done.

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