Hgk extension

/!\ This is an unloved feature.

We recommend the use of more modern alternative like hgview or TortoiseHg.

This extension is currently being distributed along with Mercurial.

Author: Chris Mason


The hgk extension allows browsing the history of a repository in a graphical way. It requires Tcl/Tk version 8.4 or later. (Tcl/Tk is not distributed with Mercurial.)


<!> As of be20a42f27a1 changeset (in 1.0 and later), Tcl .gitk configuration file was renamed to .hgk to help people working with both gitk and hgk.

hgk consists of two parts: a Tcl script that does the displaying and querying of information, and an extension to mercurial named hgk.py, which provides hooks for hgk to get information. hgk can be found in the contrib directory, and hgk.py can be found in the hgext directory.

To load the hgk.py extension, add it to your .hgrc file (you have to use your global $HOME/.hgrc file, not one in a repository). You can specify an absolute path:


Mercurial can also scan the default python library path for a file named 'hgk.py' if you set hgk empty:


The hg view command will launch the hgk Tcl script. For this command to work, hgk must be in your search path. Alternately, you can specify the path to hgk in your .hgrc file:


<!> Note: Many Linux distributions include the hgk.py extension in the mercurial package, but not the hgk Tcl script. If this is the case, you can find it in the contrib directory of the main Mercurial tar.gz from the download section. WARNING: if you fetch the contrib directory by hand, be careful to get the one that matches your version of Mercurial! Be aware that hgk requires /usr/bin/wish - which (at least on Fedora) is in the tk package.

Now hg help will show the new commands provided by the hgk extension:

$ hg help
 status      show changed files in the working directory
 tag         add a tag for the current tip or a given revision
 tags        list repository tags
 tip         show the tip revision
 unbundle    apply a changegroup file
 undo        undo the last commit or pull
 update      update or merge working directory
 verify      verify the integrity of the repository
 version     output version and copyright information
 view        start interactive history viewer
$ hg view

Configuration for Windows NT

Under Windows NT, we need to make sure Hg can invoke the hgk script. So, assuming you have Tcl/Tk installed (ActiveTcl 8.4.15 works well with Mercurial 0.9.4), create a file called hgk.cmd with the following content (just replace the path to the hgk script on your system):

@set HG=C:\location\of\hg.exe
@wish C:\path\to\hgk %*

If you're using the latest version of ActiveTcl (currently 8.5.4), you might need to change @wish to @wish85, and put quotes around the path to hgk as shown below:

@set HG=C:\location\of\hg.exe
@wish85 "C:\Program Files\path\to\hgk" %*

If using TclKit, then instead of @wish C:\path\to\hgk %* use this line: @"c:\path\to\tclkit-win32.exe" "c:\path\to\hgk" %*

As with the Unix environment, you need to add hgk.cmd to the search path, or specify the path to hgk in your mercurial.ini file:


Alternatively you can put the following in your Mercurial.ini file after installing ActiveTcl

# enable hgk extension ('hg help' shows 'view' as a command)

# Replace the following with your path to hgk
path="C:\Program Files\Mercurial\Contrib\hgk.tcl"

Windows users may be missing hgk which as per Mozilla can be downloaded at: http://hg.intevation.org/mercurial/crew/raw-file/b43db44cd047/contrib/hgk

To get the latest version, go to http://hg.intevation.org/mercurial/file/ and navigate to contrib/hgk.

(You will need to rename the file to hgk.tcl)

Keyboard Accelerators

The following key combinations can be used to perform certain actions:

Ctrl+q                    quit
Ctrl+f                    find
Ctrl+= or Ctrl+<Keypad +> increase font size
Ctrl+- or Ctrl+<Keypad -> decrease font size
Ctrl+g, Return, or '/'    find next match
Ctrl+r or '?'             find previous match
Arrow-up                  select previous changeset
Arrow-down                select next changeset
Page-up or 'p'            scroll changeset list up one page
Page-down or 'n'          scroll changeset list down one page
Delete, Backspace or 'b'  scroll viewed changeset up one page
Space                     scroll viewed changeset down one page
'd'                       scroll viewed changeset down 18 lines
'u'                       scroll viewed changeset up 18 lines

Selected font size will be saved in ~/.gitk and reused in the next session.


The hgk Tcl script is a direct port of the gitk tool used with git. The hgk.py extension allows hgk to interact with mercurial in a git-like manner.


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