Crecord Extension

1. Status

This extension has been incorporated into Mercurial (since v3.8.1).

Author: Mark Edgington

Web page:


2. Overview

The crecord extension is a curses (i.e. text-based GUI) interface which provides the crecord and qcrecord commands that may be used in lieu of commit or qnew -f. These commands let you choose which parts of the changes in a working directory you'd like to commit, at the granularity of patch hunks or lines. It is similar in spirit to the darcs record command and the RecordExtension.

3. Features

In addition to allowing you to choose changes to commit at a line-level granularity, crecord has the following advantages over the text-only RecordExtension:

4. Configuration

4.1. For Mercurial v3.8.1 and later

Configure your .hgrc file to enable the extension by adding following lines:

interface = curses

The curses interface will be used by all interactive commits, e.g.

hg commit -i

You may add an alias to the .hgrc to mimic the old call to crecord:

crecord = commit -i

4.2. For older Mercurial versions

Users of older versions of Mercurial (< 3.8.1) can install the extension by downloading the crecord archive from the site above, and extracting it to a folder where you prefer to keep extensions (e.g. $HOME/hgext). Enable the extension by adding the following to your .hgrc:


(note: the package directory is the one containing the file)


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