Vim plugin providing Mercurial ↔ Vim integration

1. Status

This plugin is not distributed with Mercurial or Vim.

Author: Nikolay Pavlov


Web page:,

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2. Overview

This plugin provides a vim <--> VCS (currently mercurial, git and subversion) integration for your projects. Features:

Most commands can be reached with a set of mappings (see aurum-mappings), all mappings are customizable.

Plugin’s mercurial driver is able to use mercurial python API as well as its CLI, but remember that the former is much slower and less tested. In order to use mercurial python API you must have vim compiled with +python (mercurial currently does not support python 3) and have mercurial in python’s sys.path (note: on windows msi installer is not adding mercurial to sys.path, so you won’t be able to use its python API).

Plugin requires some additional plugins:

(with their dependencies).

Note: aurum supports VAM. It is prefered that you use it for aurum installation.

3. Configuration

This plugin does not require any modifications to .hgrc. You can use vim-addon-manager to install it or manually clone and somewhere and add

set rtp+=/path/to/aurum,/path/to/frawor

to your vimrc.

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